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    We tell the Story of Data.
    Discover your full potential through unleashing the power of data.

What we can do for you

We love data.

Let us spend some time with your data and tell you what it says.


  • Operation efficiency
  • Donor loyalty
  • Social research


  • Research tool development
  • Health record management
  • Public health intelligence


  • Customer segmentation
  • Sales evaluation
  • Shop layout efficiency


Tell us about your industry and challenges.

Date a data scientist

We provide tailored corporate training workshops, school programs and individual tuitions.

“Know how you can automate repetitive analysis so you have more time for creative solutions, insight enhancement and a cup of tea. Also, learn anything from Excel, SPSS to R programming!”

About Us

Sky Catcher is agile, creative and entrepreneurial. We believe anyone can
build knowledge from data and share the insights with others.

Our team of data scientists, software engineers and designers constantly explore
new ideas, data sources and technology for you.

We provide services and trainings in :

Data science

Improve performance and make smarter decisions.

Data mining

Capture the signal from the noise.

Business intelligence

Make data simple to absorb and use,

so you can focus on taking actions.

Data-driven product development

Build analytics add-ons and tools

for your products or services.


Data collection, analysis and visualization.

Machine learning

Develop and deploy customized analytics algorithms.

Predictive modeling

Build models to predict the future.

Experimental design

Hack problems with a scientist

and journalist mindset.

Unstructured data analytics

Extract information from unstructured data like text.

Data-driven strategies

Explore, investigate, visualize, communicate.


Hong Kong based, international reach.

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